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How to Convince Parents for Love Marriage

  • Are your parents against love marriage?
  • Do you want to marry your boyfriend/girlfriend but your parents don’t like him/her?
  • Do you want to marry your beloved without hurting your parents?
Cheer up! It can all be done very easily. We have listed the best methods and tips for you to convince your parents for love marriage. Most of the Indian parents have always followed the conventional norms taught by our culture. They are not comfortable with the changing mentalities, lifestyles and evolving culture. Indian parents usually think it’s in the best interest of their ward if they choose a life partner for them. But the problem arises when a young man or a young woman are in love and their parents are against their relationship and don’t wavy them to get married. Don’t worry, you can convenience your parents for love marriage and get married with their blessings and consent.

Communicate: Communication is the most important part of the process. First, you must let your parents know that there is someone in your life. In the begging, it is better to use indirect subtle hints and non-verbal. After that, find a proper time and speak to them directly about your lover. Indian parents usually cannot accept the fact that their children can fall in love, therefore, it’s extremely important to make your point clear. Speak to them with the utmost care, respect and compassion. This would lay a good first impression for your next future moves.

Friends and other family members: Friends are a person’s best assets when it comes to these kinds of situations. If some of your friends have a good connection with your parents, make sure to involve them in the process of convincing. Also as Indians, we value our relationships a lot. We are always closely connected to all our aunts, uncles and other relatives. This gives you an edge. You can ask some of your relatives, to whom your parents listen, to talk on your behalf. When relatives of the family support your cause your parents are bound to listen to your demands.

Highlight your partner: The most important step of the entire convincing process is to create a magnificent image of your partner in your parents’ eyes. You must highlight all the excellent attributes of your partner. Tell your parents about how qualified he/she is, how they have encouraged you to become a better person, tell them about his/her achievements. This would help you create a perfect image of your partner in your parents’ eyes and reinforce your cause.

Also, tell them why you think your chosen partner would help you lead a happy and fulfilling life. For step-by-step counseling and guidance on how to convenience your parents for love marriage, contact Astrologer V.K Shastri Ji and get married with your parents’ blessings tomorrow.

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Finding A Way To Convince Parents For Your Love Marriage?

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