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Kundli Doshas and Remedies in Astrology

India is a top country in world where people believe to confirm all the information about bride and groom before marriage by matching the Kundali. All details from birth to end like Mangal Dosha, Kaal Sarpa Dosha, Financial problems in future, Marriage Success, Career, Job an many more information can be get of both couple by Kundali. In India parents of both bride and groom prefer to match these kundali from a famous and well Expert Astrologer Who can check the perfect compatibility between both of them. If the compatibility doesn’t match between them then parents and family clearly say no to each other because ignoring these Kundali can become the reason for upcoming troubles between future husband and wife.

In love marriage couples don’t believe in all these matching because they has already lived their life with each other and they have already spent many moments by knowing each other very well so in that case if they have already known each other very clearly and if they know each other all good & bad habits, each other nature, qualities, advantages, disadvantages, career, past affairs, characteristics and everything a husband and wife should know about each other. But in arrange marriage there is no possibilities of knowing each other very well so it becomes very necessary for parents to match making to know about both of the girl and boy who are going to marry with each other.
With the help of Kundali Match Making the most important information can be know of both future life partners by which both of their life can be affect if parents ignore these.

  • Mangal(Manglik) Dosha
  • Kaal Sarpa Dosha
  • What is Mangal ( Manglik ) Dosha & How to remove it ?

    In Astrology Mangal Dosha also call as Manglik Dosh is very serious astrological affliction which is responsible for creating many complications in marriage life before starting to the end. In love marriage both partners know each other very well and after knowing each other characteristics, nature, habits, career, etc they decide to get married with each other but in arrange marriage both of girl and boy meets first time where it is a big task to say yes even without knowing each other because after their one yes they have to live their whole life together. So it`s important to know each of every information before going any decision which can change both of them life completely. If there is any Mangal Dosha in one of the person but their parents want to get them marry even both of the person started liking and understanding each other. In that case the complication of Mangal Dosa can be solved by some of astrological solutions like Keeping fast on Tuesdays, Reminding of Mangal mantras, Hanuman Chalisa, Donating on Tuesday etc. There are some more Solution of Mangal Dosha which can be solved by the best astrologer in India Pandit V.K Shastri Ji who served their astrological services to over millions of peoples to make their life peaceful and full of happiness.

    What is Kaal Sarpa Dosha and How to Remove Kaal Sarpa Dosha ?

    In Astrology afflictions Kaal Sarpa Dosha is a very well known as life destructive dosha. There are twelve Kaal sarpa Dosha in vedic astrology which represent by 12 kaal sarpa dosha which call name after different snakes. So to know about the future coming troubles in married life where if there is any changes appeared in any partners life and you can understand these suitable but you are not able to overcome from it. That’s how kundali making and matching before the marriage is more important to know and solve all the marriage and life problems which will be appear in future if parents and family ignore the kundali math making. According to a perfect kundali match making there are highest 36 types of compatibility which can be match between boy and girl and it`s minimum range to match is 16. Below the minimum range parent never agree for the marriage in Indian families. With the help of effective astrology provided by well expert astrologer there are some solutions by which Kaal Sarpa Dosha can be handle or remove from life completely which are reading Hanuman Chalisa, Wearing gemstones, Chanting of Lord Shiva mantra, Worship or Hawans, Donation to poor people and feeding them.

    If you are facing all these complications in your marriage and there are any doshas in your kundali which is disturbing your kundali to not matching it with other so feel free to best astrologer of India Pandit V.K Shastri Ji who is well expert in kundali match making and to providing you the perfect solution to make your marriage successful and full of happiness. To contact pandit Ji +91-98158-90323; or mail your queries or problems to:

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